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Rate Schedule - Marine Surveying Yacht

Rate Schedule

Rate & Fee Schedule for 2012
Condition / Valuation / Pre-Purchase / Delivery Surveys
20ft and Under $ 250 flat
21ft to 30ft $12.50/ft
30ft to 39ft $14.50/ft
40ft to 55ft $15.50/ft
55ft and Over $16.50/ft
Multi-Hull $16.50/ft


Marine Claims & Damage Investigation Rates & Fees

Rate & Fee Schedule for 2012
Damage Mitigation Services
Investigate Damage/Injury Report
(Cause of Loss Extensive Damage)
Hourly Damage Surveys/Accident Investigations $150.00/hr
Technical Consulting $150.00/hr
Research and Claim Preparation
(Administrative, Photography, etc. Additional per Rate)
Pre Shipment Inspection/ Loading/Discharged Surveys/Container surveys/Cargo Damage surveys $150.00/hr
Repair Supervision $150.00/hr
Hull and Machinery surveys $150.00/hr
Sample $45/sample
Sea Trial $90/hr

Marine Services

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