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Marine Surverying Yacht - Pre-Purchase Surveys

Pre-Purchase Surveys


The Pre Purchase Survey is a comprehensive inspection of the boat. The survey of a typical vessel may require a full day, depending on the defects discovered. The prospective buyer is welcome to attend the survey if they wish to get a better understanding of the findings.

The Pre-Purchase Survey (sometimes called a Full Condition Survey) is the most comprehensive type of boat survey available and we strongly advise you order one when purchasing a used vessel. After all when you buy a boat you want to get as much information about it as possible before closing the deal. You'll want to know if the boat is structurally sound and if it's safe, if the equipment and machinery are in good working order and ultimately if it is good value for money. If you tell us what you want the boat for we can also advise on whether this is the right boat for you. We want you to have this information so you know exactly what you are buying and can be confident in your purchase.

As part of our Pre-Purchase Surveys we recommend and include a Sea Trial. This allows us to examine fully the overall condition and performance of the vessel and in particular to examine the Engine and Mechanical systems.

The survey report is compiled under the following headings, not all sections are appropriate to every craft:

  • Hull external
  • Keel & skeg
  • Topsides
  • Stern gear
  • Through hull fittings & valves
  • Deck & superstructure
  • Deck gear
  • Mast rigging & sails
  • Hull internal
  • Accommodation
  • Controls
  • Machinery
  • Fuel system
  • Bilge pumps
  • Gas system
  • Heating other than gas
  • Fresh water system
  • Grey water system
  • Black water system
  • Cockpit & other drains
  • Electrical installation
  • Freezer, refrigerator, air conditioning
  • Navigation equipment
  • Radio equipment
  • Miscellaneous equipment
  • Safety equipment & firefighting

The report also includes a summary and a list of recommendation.

A valuation does not form part of a Pre Purchase Survey, but a valuation for insurance or finance can be included at no extra charge if required.

Are you in the process of buying a pre-owned boat, contact us today and we will inspect and guide you on your decision making.

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