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Marine Surveying Yacht

Delivery Inspection

To help eliminate most of those teething problems that are always present when buying a new boat, it is a good idea to have a surveyor carry out a Pre Delivery Inspection. This would be carried out after the boat has been commissioned by the builder/dealer and when they consider that it is ready for handover.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

The Pre Purchase Survey is a comprehensive inspection of the boat. The survey of a typical vessel may require a full day, depending on the defects discovered. The prospective buyer is welcome to attend the survey if they wish to get a better understanding of the findings.

Insurance condition survey

When you first insure your boat, or have to renew an existing policy, your insurance company may ask for an Insurance Survey Report in order to determine whether the vessel is an acceptable risk. An Insurance Survey is less detailed than a Pre-Purchase Survey and its focus is on structural integrity and safety. The report includes an assessment of the boat's value.

Sea Trials

Whilst any pre-purchase survey will have a sea trial associated with it as a matter of course, VDL Marine Services is often asked simply to attend a sea trial to give an opinion about vibration, smoking engines, loose rig, weeping stern gland or some such thing that the owner is aware of but requires a second opinion and more importantly a solution.

Damage Inspection

The advice is offered particularly to the insurance companies, but may also be useful to the boat's owner in case of litigation.

For the insurance companies, the purpose is to determine the severity of the damage that occurred after the extraordinary event, to agree the refit and the relative costs.

Repair Supervision

If you have a repair work done on your vessel you can commission us to make inspection as to progress. We can also make a final inspection of completed work repair work.


A Valuation Survey is often carried out at the same time as a Pre-Purchase survey and is used to determine the fair market value of the vessel This type of inspection is usually required by Insurance Companies prior to issuing cover and required by Financing and Mortgage Institutions.

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