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Marine Commercial Surveys

Pre-Shipment Survey

VDL Marine Services carries out Pre-Shipment inspections of goods on behalf of Overseas Clients. The purpose of this is primarily to verify that the goods conform to contractual specification, are packed according to required method and are marked with necessary markings for the export. This also assures correctness to the agreed quality and quantity, and is conducted in most cases prior to shipment, and in the country of exportation. Pre-shipment survey shows if cargo is already injured before loading and shipping.

Loading / Discarged Surveys

VDL Marine Services Pty Ltd offers a broad range of Supply Chain related services to assists international traders. The objective of loading/ discharging supervision is to verify during loading and unloading Operations that the correct material is properly handled and secured on the means of transport. Our company specialists will provide the customers with the assurance that the quality and safety requirements are met and that the goods are handled correctly and safely.

Container Surveys

With an ongoing global demand of goods, containers have been one of the largest and fastest growing cargo categories in many of the ports worldwide. These containers carry anything from equipment and machinery parts to children’s toys and clothing to perishable goods. Due to this increase in the prodction of containers there is a greater need of reliable inspections.

Cargo Damage Surveys

When cargo is found damaged, it is necessary to estimate the extent of damage and also to find out the cause of damage for a claim for compensation. In trade business, the usual procedure is that when the damage is covered by insurance, the report is submitted to the insurance company, and when the liability of damage lies with the shippers, the surveyor's report is submitted to them for a claim for compensation. This survey is usually termed Damage Survey and we are held in high esteem by numerous marine insurance companies.

Hull and Machinery

When our customers suffer a maritime loss, we will attend and survey the damaged vessel or equipment, monitor repair work, determine the probable cause of loss including witness statements as necessary, and prepare a report for the owners and/ or interested underwriters regarding covered losses and the related expenses.


The importance of taking representative samples of the whole quantity is imperative in the quality control of a shipment. Different products, locations, international regulations and clients may require different methods and procedures for sampling.

Marine Services

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