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Marine Surveying  Yacht - Insurance condition survey

Insurance condition survey


When you first insure your boat, or have to renew an existing policy, your insurance company may ask for an Insurance Survey Report in order to determine whether the vessel is an acceptable risk. An Insurance Survey is less detailed than a Pre-Purchase Survey and its focus is on structural integrity and safety. The report includes an assessment of the boat's value.

An Insurance Survey requires several hours and usually includes an out of water inspection although you may wish to confirm with your insurers that they require this. Many owners arrange their insurance survey to coincide with a haul out or dry docking for antifouling or maintenance.

The regular Insurance survey should be viewed not as a necessary inconvenience but as an opportunity to have the condition of your vessel independently checked. The report will highlight issues affecting the boats or crews safety and can be a useful in directing the boats maintenance program.

Are you renewing your insurance Policy or taking up a new insurance coverage, contact us and we will provide you with the best report.

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