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Marine Commercial Surveys - Hull and Machinery

Hull and Machinery

hull_and_machineryWhen a ship is involved in such accidents as fire, stranding, collision and sinking, VDL Marine Services conducts necessary survey and gives appropriate advice and recommendations for the mutual benefits of the parties concerned.

When our customers suffer a maritime loss, we will attend and survey the damaged vessel or equipment, monitor repair work, determine the probable cause of loss including witness statements as necessary, and prepare a report for the owners and/ or interested underwriters regarding covered losses and the related expenses. We understand that owners may perform unrelated maintenance while the vessel or machinery is being repaired, and will itemize the invoices appropriate for the underwriter's policy. We perform Hull and Machinery Damage surveys on a wide variety of vessels, including but not limited to charter boats, ferries, yachts, small pleasure craft, sail boats, commercial fishing vessels,  ships, barge mounted marine cranes, etc and all machinery related to the navigation, propulsion, operation, or profession of the listed vessels.

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