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Maring Surveying Yacht - Delivery Inspection

Delivery Inspection


Delivery Inspection of a new boat takes place prior to accepting the boat from the manufacturer or dealer. It is similar to a Pre-Purchase Survey but also checks whether the boat has been completed or delivered in accordance with the specifications agreed upon at the time of ordering. It will include a list of items that require attention before the owner takes delivery and recommendations for equipping the boat safely for its intended use.

To help eliminate most of those teething problems that are always present when buying a new boat, it is a good idea to have a surveyor carry out a Pre Delivery Inspection. This would be carried out after the boat has been commissioned by the builder/dealer and when they consider that it is ready for handover.

The vessel will be given a thorough check for the quality of the boats build and to ensure that the operating systems work as they should.

Following the inspection a list of defects would be produced and presented to the purchaser, so that they may take them up with their supplier.

If you are taking delivery of your new boat from a boat builder or dealer, contact us today to have a Delivery Inspection performed before making your last payment.

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