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Marine Commercial Surveys - Container Surveys

Container Surveys


A lot of general cargoes is carried in the containers. Thus, companies that deal with containerized shipping are often interested in surveys of containers. We carry out damage surveys, condition surveys, repair surveys, and monitoring of containers.

With an ongoing global demand of goods, containers have been one of the largest and fastest growing cargo categories in many of the ports worldwide. These containers carry anything from equipment and machinery parts to children’s toys and clothing to perishable goods. Due to this increase in the production of containers there is a greater need of reliable inspections.

Determining whether a container is unsuitable for cargo can greatly reduce the risk of liability for firms exporting goods. Companies seek shop inspectors who have the experience and qualifications to verify the structural integrity of containers.

VDL Marine Services offers a variety of inspection services for container services including but not limited to the following:

  • Visual Inspection prior to crating/packaging
  • Verification of quantities prior to packaging
  • Inspections of packaging and crating
  • Verification of cleanliness
  • Inspection of general appearance and conformity to contractual specification
  • Verification of weights, volumes and quantities
  • Verification of crate and package sizes
  • Verification of marking of crates and containers
  • Witness or Supervise loading of containers
  • Witness or Supervise fastening with proper devices to insure arrival of undamaged materials
  • Witness or Supervise unloading of materials to insure receipt of undamaged materials
  • Survey packaging and bagging to insure neither packaging nor materials are loaded damaged nor the potential for material loss is present
  • Furnish photos and/or videotaping of loading and sealing of containers and/or shipping compartments

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